5 – Marked Open mated 2022 Queens from 37069


2022 open mated and marked honeybee queen.  Local pickup only, no shipping.  Pickup info provided after ordering.

5 in stock

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Local pickup only!  We do not ship.  This listing is for 1 minimum order containing 5 total queens.  Sorry we are not able to sell individual queens due to time constraints.

If you’re in need of a queen for splits, replacements, or anything in between, we will have a few available starting at the end of April 2022.   These queens will be marked and come from a VSH (Varroa Sensitive Hygienic) mother line VSH POL 2.2.  They are open mated and are not Artificially inseminated.  Queens raised in zip code 37069.  Queens are a mix of primarily Italian and Russian genetic lines.

Local Pickup information will be provided after ordering.