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Are you thinking of jumping into beekeeping for the first time this year? Want to hear some quick and easy free tips to get on the right track? Sign up for our free video series and live Q & A session this month! We’re going to cover some key decisions you’ll need to make before your bees even arrive in your yard. Making the right decisions early on will lay out a map to happier and healthier hives. Trust us, happy bees make better honey!

Here are some topics you can expect to see during our video series and free live zoom workshop:

  • 5 key steps to setting up your apiary the right way
  • 5 essential tools every new beekeeper should have
  • 5 ways to set your colony up for solid growth

Our live 1 hour zoom session will be “10 tips I wish some old guy had told me when I started out” followed by Q & A. Start your season right and join us for this free series! Bring all your new beekeeper questions! We love talking bees!

Enjoy our free series? Want to take your beekeeping to the next level? Sign up for our 6 week long Beginning Beekeeper course!