Can I help my local pollinators without building a conventional garden?

Of course! We can design landscape that encompasses our philosophy around any house or structure.

Am I going to get stung more with one of your 'Bloom Boxes?'

Bees don’t want to hurt you! Bees and other stinging insects are way less likely to sting while they are out foraging for food. They’ll be too busy gathering pollen and nectar to care what you are up to. For more information please download this brochure.

Will my ‘bloom box’ require a lot of maintenance?

Our Polleneer ‘bloom boxes’ are meant to be turnkey and we design our gardens with the pollinators and you in mind. Our ‘bloom boxes’ are meant to be low maintenance. However, every garden will require a little TLC from time to time. If garden work is not your thing, we also offer a maintenance plan to take care things like spring maintenance and fall pruning. If you have a pest problem, we have a plan for that, using all-natural, child-safe treatments.

What kind of wood do you use? Will it rot in a couple years?

We use locally sourced cedar wood which is extremely resistant to rot and should last for many years to come.

Why not just use treated wood instead of cedar?

We believe chemically treated wood can leach into your garden impacting soil and plants.It is our goal to remove as many chemical interactions in your backyard as possible.

I live in a condo. How in the world can I get a polleneer garden?

We also build custom “living polleneer walls” specifically designed to grow on a balcony in as little as 4 square feet!

You guys seem passionate about helping out honeybees. Do you ever give talks to local groups?

You are right! We care deeply about our bees, birds, and wild species. We’d be happy to come visit with your group and spread our message of conservation. Please email info@polleneers.com for more information.

Do you only install residential gardens?

We design and install in your backyard, rooftop, balcony, or even front porch. We will install a garden anywhere your imagination will allow.

I already have a garden, can you just give me a list of the plants to buy?

We would be more than happy to consult with you about installing a bee friendly garden at your home in addition to your existing garden. Our gardens target a specific population while providing beauty to your existing landscape. We unfortunately are unable to provide you with just a list of plants. If your interested in us drawing up a design for you we would love to earn your business.

Will you guys come out and weed the ‘bloom box’? How much will that cost?

We would love to set you up on a quarterly maintenance plan. Depending upon what your ‘bloom box’ needs will determine the cost. Basic maintenance plans will start at $100.00 per visit: including weeding, watering, pruning, touch-up staining and general garden maintenance.

What do I do if there is a pest problem? Will you guys come out and help? How much will that cost?

We will come out to first identify the problem, whether it be a pest or disease. After identifying the issue we will target the issue via organic methods. The cost will depend upon the issue that is causing the plant to be affected.

Do you donate any of your proceeds to organizations working to protect our pollinators?

Yes we do! We are proud supporters of the Pollinator Stewardship council.







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