Williams Honey Farm provides bee removal services to residential and commercial properties in Davidson and Williamson Counties. Our services include diagnosis, bee removal, and beehive relocation. We are passionate about saving as many beehives as we possibly can.  If you believe you have a honeybee problem please fill out the form below.

Honeybees can take up residence in your home anytime of the year. Hives can be built in between the studs in your walls, soffits, columns, and even chimneys. Hives can range in size from the area of a basketball to the length or a kitchen table. Hives will generally start small in the early spring and peak around June 1st. Each hive contains 1 queen and approximately 80,000 workers. A hive is made up of wax, pollen, and honey. It is extremely important not to simply kill a beehive in your wall and seal up the entrance. By containing the honey inside your walls you will undoubtedly be inviting pests such as rats, cockroaches, or ants to chew through and eat the honey. Closing up a beehive causes more problems down the road than simply dealing with the problem immediately. Williams Honey Farm believes in using every element of the hive and putting it to good use.

To see videos of recent extractions, visit our youtube channel.

Need us to remove some Bees? Unfortunately, our Bee Removal service is not being offered at this time.  We apologize for any inconvenience caused.