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Honey frame calculator

Fill out the information below to get an estimate of your honey harvest by frames.

lbs of honey!

Honey harvest calculator

lbs of honey!

Sugar water calculator

You will need gallons of water and pounds of dry sugar

Psst you'll have a little extra left over to top off later. If you're using a quart size feeder, simply divide our results by 4.

Quick Honey Conversion


1 Gallon Honey = 12 Pounds
1 Quart Honey = 3 Pounds
1 Pint Honey = 1.5 Pounds
½ Pint Honey = 12 Ounces

Please note, these are rough estimates. Every honey crop, frame of honey, and beehive is a little different. As a result, your harvest will potentially be a little bit different than this estimate! Also note, we are subtracting the weight of the wood frames when calculating these figures!

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