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One in every three bites of food we take is thanks to bees and other pollinators! The small but mighty honey bee performs up to 80% of pollination worldwide – but due to habitat loss and widespread use of pesticides, bee colonies are declining at an alarming rate. Sponsoring a beehive is an impactful way to help nurture the bees that work so hard to help our planet. Perfect for you, your family, or as a gift for anyone who loves bees or just wants to help protect our planet and its resources!

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What Your Sponsorship Covers

Our bees work hard pollinating our crops and flowers across middle Tennessee every spring and summer and enduring the harsh weather every winter. We work hard throughout the year trying to bring back honeybee populations throughout Middle Tennessee. We have a lot of passion, but sometimes we need funding in addition to our passion. (After all, a typical startup hive costs around $350 just to get started!) That’s where your help comes in. 

When you purchase a sponsorship, you’re supporting one hive for an entire year. That money goes toward:

  • Food for the bees to help them make it through the winter. Throughout the year, we buy up to 50 lbs of sugar and essential oil for bee feed.
  • Medicine to keep the hive healthy. For example, varroa mite treatments sometimes up to $30/hive.
  • Equipment that allows them to thrive, like bee cozy winter hive blankets, woodenware repairs, extra honey supers, and natural small hive beetle traps.
  • Purchasing bees and queens. Replacement queen bees are around $30 per queen!
  • We’ll spend about an hour and a half per month per hive managing it throughout the year.

Because we’re a small, sustainable honey farm, you can rest assured that your sponsorship goes directly toward the wellbeing of the bees!

What You Get

After purchasing your individual hive sponsorship, we’ll mail you (or the recipient) a picture of your hive’s queen bee, along with a certificate of appreciation. Plus, you’ll get the pride of knowing you’re helping support healthy hives for generations to come. Makes a perfect gift for the conservationist in your life!

Purchase Your Sponsorship

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