“The 5 Things…” Series digital download bundle


Our “5 Things” series is a collection of downloads for you to keep handy for easy reference! Everything from common mistakes to sticky situations are covered in these easy-to-digest tips for new beekeepers.


Our 5-things series special bundle is jam packed with tips and tricks to help you succeed as a beekeeper.  The digital download bundle includes:

“5 Things you need to ask your mentor before signing on”

“5 programs you should become involved with”

“5 things you need to make more bees”

” 5 gadgets to help you become a better beekeeper”

“5 ways to get your mites in check no matter the season”

Whether you’re a new beekeeper or a rising sophomore, these guides will help you stay on track and keep focused on the main goal: keeping your bees alive.  These guides make a great gift for the someone you know who’s looking to jump into beekeeping but wants to do it all the right way.  They can also work in partnership with the teachings of our main school, the Tactical Beekeeping Academy.  This school’s main focus is providing clear and accurate information to new beekeepers without all the fluff.  Enjoy!

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