WHF Queen Push-In Cage


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This cage can be used to provide a natural “brood break” for your colony. Simply push the cage in and around your laying queen on a frame of open/empty cells. Your bees will still be able to pass her pheromone around the colony keeping everyone happy. You know who won’t be happy? Varroa mites. With the queen only able to lay in a small area, varroa mites will not be able to reproduce in large numbers! This is a great tool to drop your varroa counts in only 14 days.

Special note: We do not recommend keeping your queen caged for more than 14 days. Do not cage your queen if the population in your hive will not support it (your population will naturally be decreasing over the 14 day period). Not recommended for virgin queens. Do not cage your queen on a frame without open space (you want to give her some space to work!).  This is an all natural method to lower your varroa mite numbers but please be aware that in many scenarios, a treatment will follow this 14 day caged queen period.