feed the bees bloom boxes

We Build. You Enjoy. Bees Win.

For our bloom boxes, we start with locally sourced red cedar wood.  All our wood pieces are “true cut” meaning a 2”x6” is actually 2” wide!  The wood is tough, raw, and will last for decades just the way it should be. We then add all natural locally sourced compost filled with the highest plant nutrients we can find. Finally, we hand select native Tennessee perennials that specifically target our local pollinators like honeybees and butterflies. Each perennial is chosen to alternate its bloom period to maximize the amount of feeding your bees will receive. Our bloom boxes typically will bloom from February all the way through October. Care and maintenance is very minimal with our Bloom Boxes. Occasional weeding may be required however our gardens are specifically chosen to be deer tolerant, drought tolerant, and low maintenance.

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