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What is raw honey?

Raw honey is honey that hasn’t been altered from its purest form.  It’s as if you stuck your spoon into the hive and pulled out a scoop.

Do you heat or pasteurize your honey?

Nope.  We don’t super heat or pasteurize our honey.  That would kill all the beneficial enzymes!

Do you treat your beehives with chemicals?

We only use organic all natural treatments and only when absolutely necessary for the survival of the colony in trouble.

You guys seem passionate about helping out honeybees. Do you ever give talks to local groups?

You are right! We care deeply about our bees, birds, and wild species. We’d be happy to come visit with your group and spread our message of conservation. Please email for more information.

How soon will I expect to receive my order?

We process in approximately 3-5 days and then ship priority mail.  You should expect to see your order in approximately 7-10 business days.

What is creamed honey?

Creamed honey is the same as regular honey except it has been slightly crystalized to give it a silky smooth texture.  It has a butter like consistency and is amazing on your toast in the morning!  It will never crystalize further and will remain in this silky state forever.  Make sure you keep it away from heat however or else it will melt and turn back into regular honey.

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