5 Frame medium nucleus hive with laying queen-2024

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5 frame Nucleus colonies (Nucs, for short) are a great alternative to packages for starting out.  Each 5 frame nuc contains 5 medium frames.  3 brood frames, 1 pollen frame, 1 honey frame and a laying queen.  The advantage of a Nuc is that the beekeeper can observe the quality and status of the queen immediately upon installation vs having to wait a couple weeks with a package.  It's like you've given your new beehive a head start to jump in and begin growing quickly!  Each nuc comes packaged in a sealed wax coated cardboard box.
You'll still need all the woodenware for a beehive and will want to feed your girls for at least a month or so.
Please ensure you provide a valid cell phone number as we utilize text messaging to provide you with status alerts!
Pickup times will vary depending on the weather so after purchasing, stay tuned to status updates and projected deliveries.  You won't need to bring any PPE or gear with you to pickup.  We are aiming for delivery on or around May 18th 2024.
All 2024 nucs will have to be picked up in person (local pickup only) in Franklin, TN 37069.  Your shipping charges will be $0 at checkout.
A great idea would be to purchase a nuc and sign up for our in-person educational programs or SMS beekeeping alerts to make sure you are doing everything right throughout the season!  Check out our Education tab to get more info.
Our nucs sell out every year so don't wait to make a move!  The genetic traits in our bees are a mix of Carniolian/Caucasian/Russian.   We make queen selection decisions based on productivity, gentleness, and mite resistance not exclusively race.
*Please note, we are not responsible for the welfare of your bees after you leave the premises.  Please take care of your girls on the way home and provide plenty of ventilation and care.  Install them in your woodenware as soon as possible.
**Please note, if you are just starting out in beekeeping it is strongly recommended to begin your apiary with 2 colonies instead of just one.  Shoot us a message if you have any questions or want to talk through your plan!