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Sponsoring a beehive is an impactful way to help nurture the bees that work so hard to help our planet and ensure healthy bee populations for generations to come. Makes a perfect gift!

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Sponsor a beehive!  

We need all the help we can get to cultivate our bees throughout the year.  Our bees struggle to survive and work hard to help pollinate our crops and visit flowers across middle Tennessee.  We work hard to protect them and want to get you involved.

When you sponsor a beehive you will receive a certificate and picture of your queen as well as a description of the hive. The cost is just a one time charge of $60 and your support makes a huge difference to the health of the bees.

2 reviews for Individual Hive Sponsorship

  1. Leilani Chmela (verified owner)

    Definitely recommended! This sponsorship helps fund a great cause and a vital part of our ecosystem! Whether a gift or for yourself, seeing a photo of the queen you are helping is exciting.

  2. Judy McCarthy

    ‘I AM A SPONSOR!!!

    Living on a farm, I learned the important role that Bees play in our lives from my Grandpaw. He helped create a love for them and how Honeybees pollinate more than 100 crops in the U.S. He had a 5 gallon bucket that he would keep full so they could have fresh water daily and we would sit and watch them come and go.. he would put a dot of flour on one and we would wait for it to come back to the water for a drink. I have had so much FUN keeping up with Williams Honey Farm, not only does he have an awesome sense of humor but if you follow closely he’ll teach you a lot about his passion for Beekeeping!
    Looking for something fun to do with the kids?? Become a sponsor!! Track the ongoings of the Queen and her hive throughout the winter! Thank you Jay and all the good folks at Williams Honey Farm ❤️❤️

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