Beekeeping Virtual Mentor Group


Join our exclusive Beekeeping Virtual Mentor group for weekly lessons, access to our VIP Facebook Group, and virtual office hours where you can get your questions answered by a beekeeping expert. It’s all designed to give you and the bees the support you need to thrive, no matter where you live!

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Are you interested in becoming a beekeeper but are unsure of everything you’ll have to figure out in your first season?  Are you having a hard time finding a good mentor?   Do you need more personalized attention than your local bee club can provide?  Are you interested in joining an private group of beekeepers all in the same boat?  Williams Honey Farm is proud to announce we’ll be starting an exclusive VIP beekeeping virtual mentor group in the spring of 2020!

Our private group will run from April 1st through June 1st and feature:

  • Weekly video lessons and reading materials to help you and your bees thrive
  • Instructors with decades of experience running a successful honey farm
  • Group discussions with fellow beekeepers via an exclusive private Facebook group
  • Weekly office hours (where you can email, call, or even FaceTime with staff)!
  • Limited class size to keep the attention on you – the new beekeeper!

We are offering membership to this group at a significantly discounted price for the first series.  Sign up now and get access for only $97.  That’s only $12/hour for virtual lessons plus bonus discussion and personalized help!

A few disclaimers:

This is not a replacement for joining your local bee club.  This beekeeping virtual mentor group is meant to supplement other forms of local beekeeping assistance.  Office hours/phone calls to staff will be on one day of the week for a certain time period.  Outside of this time period posting on the group page and emailing instructors will be the the mode of assistance!  Groups will be limited to 30 students to allow for personalized conversation.  Weekly lessons will be in the form of live videos, pre-recorded videos, and other photos/videos/PDFs etc.  Anyone is welcome from anywhere in the world but please note, instruction will be based on current beekeeping equipment and seasonal maintenance based in the southeast USA (Langstroth).  Private group invites will come in the form of a Facebook group invitation.  Must have a Facebook account to enroll.

If you have any questions, feel free to email!


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