Producing award winning honey is just one division of Williams Honey Farm. Over the years we have realized that it’s not really about the honey, rather, it’s all about the bees… We work hard at educating, inspiring, and empowering others to protect our pollinators through beekeeping classes, special events, speaking engagements, and outreach opportunities. Beekeeping is so much more than a box of bees in a field! It’s an art form that needs to be passed on and cultivated as new technology and research evolve!

There are many ways to join our movement and get involved:

Learn in Person

Every spring we teach an in-depth weekend long beginning beekeeping school. This school is an interactive, hands-on primer for anyone interested in giving the art of beekeeping a shot. In addition to classes, participants can network with other new beekeepers, interact with local vendors, enjoy gourmet honey themed dinning, and order live bees. It is held at the beautiful Green Door Gourmet organic farm in Bellevue, TN.

Bee-come an Expert

Learn Online

This spring we will also begin our first ever virtual beekeeping mentor program! This will be an 8-week series conducted online in groups of 30 students or less. Each week, beekeeping tips/tricks will be provided to participants to aid in the spring buildup season. Office hours will be provided to participants either through email, phone, or FaceTime video chats! Regular group discussions will take place via a closed Facebook group.

Join Private Group

Learn on Your Own

Our knowledge of beekeeping has not been attained without the help of many amazing mentors from all parts of the world. It is only fair for us to pass this knowledge on and help others! One of the easiest ways to get started is to begin reading. We have a great list of our favorite books to get you started.

Start Learning

Our Story

Williams Honey Farm has been producing raw all natural honey since 2008. We first started with 2 hives and quickly found it to be an addiction. We are passionate about raising healthy, happy honeybees and treat them like they are members of our family.  Throughout the years we have managed hundreds of colonies in many locations. We have attended multiple trainings and met with beekeepers from Italy to New Zealand. Although we are continually learning every day, we have been lucky enough to mentor countless new beekeepers and cultivate “Newbees”.