Wildflower Honey (3 Jar pack)

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That is if your grandmother was the kind of gutsy woman who wore a beekeeper suit, climbed trees and scooped out ladles of comb from a healthy hive. Okay, at Williams Honey Farm, we don’t do that either. In fact, the old-fashioned honey you see here may be better than any you’ve ever drizzled on a biscuit.
The reason is that we produce it the way nature does as natural as can be.  Without heating the honey, because high temperature can kill the enzymes that the bees themselves add for their own good health. Without moving the hives around to increase production.
Before you put it on other foods, try a spoonful. Let sunlight play upon its rich amber color. Then taste it. Notice its complexity, and traces of clover, tulip poplar and basswood.
We love our calm bees. And they seem to be at ease with us. We hope you’ll be happy with what they’ve made for you.
A couple guidelines:
Never microwave honey (it'll kill all the good enzymes)
No need to refrigerate our honey (good honey never spoils)
All honey naturally crystalizes.  This is actually a sign that the honey is raw and unprocessed!  If your honey crystalizes (turn into crystals) simple place the jar with the lid lightly screwed on, into a pot of warm water.  Careful not to fill your pot too high as you don't want water to come in contact with your honey.  Within a few minutes your honey will go right back to liquid form!
Each glass hex jars is 13 oz Net wt.  This listing is for 3 jars total.  We no longer offer single jar orders of wildflower.  Thanks!
Please note, due to high demand, please allow 10 business days to ship.