On March 3rd and 4th, 2018 Williams Honey Farm will host our second annual Natural Beekeeping School! Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a beekeeper?  Are you overwhelmed by all the conflicting information found on the internet?  Do you need a little more education than just a textbook at home?  Do you want to train on the actual equipment you will be using?  We’re trying to change the way beekeeping schools are taught and here is your chance to jump on board.  Sign up here.  Early bird discount till Jan 1st, 2018!

SPECIAL THIS YEAR! “Beekeeper reboot” class on Friday night March 2nd from 6pm-9pm.  Are you past your first year in beekeeping and still have questions?  Do you have challenges that have been bugging you all season?  Here is your chance to get a quick refresher, ask a panel of experts for advice, and get excited about the upcoming season.

Why we are different:

Instead of confusing you with 10 different ways to keep bees, we’ll show you step by step how we keep our bees in Tennessee.  We’ll have hands-on demonstrations of the exact equipment we use in our hives (you can pick up this very same equipment you have trained on at the end of the class!).  We’ll walk you through the building blocks of Tennessee beekeeping and build on each lesson.  We’ll have ample time for question and answers throughout the school.  You’ll have the chance to bond with other new natural beekeepers and join our growing community of responsible beekeeping.  Classes will be taught by a variety of local like-minded beekeepers and will feature small group breakout sessions.  Vendors will be on-site for any last minute equipment needs.

Special Honey themed dinner on Saturday night March 3rd!  Bring your friends and tell them everything you’ve learned while enjoying a special honey themed dinner presented by Chef Richard of Green Door Gourmet.  Drinks included.  Dinner purchase open to all, regardless of whether you attend class.  New this year is our “Queen Bee” ticket!  Special benefactor status with seat at the head table and name listed in the program!  You love bees, now let the world know!

The Details:

Special BEEKEEPER REBOOT! Friday March 2nd from 6pm-9pm.

Beginning beekeeper school: March 3rd 2018 from 8am-5pm, March 4th from 12pm-6pm

Special Honey themed dinner by Chef Richard of Green Door Gourmet March 3rd from 5:30-7:30pm.

The Location:

“The Barn” at Green Door Gourmet organic farm.

7011 River Rd Pike, Nashville, TN 37209

The Options:

Everything is a la carte!  Please choose the options that work for you:

Beekeeper reboot class (Friday)

Beginning beekeeper classes (Saturday/Sunday)

Beginning beekeeping class for you and an additional family member.

1 Seat at our gourmet honey themed dinner.  Sold out in 2017!!

1 “Queen Bee” ticket and benefactor status!  Special seat at the head table and your name listed in the program!

Purchase accessories in addition to class:

1 package of small cell chemical free bees plus queen.  Local pickup will be at the end of March 2018.  **Bee School Special only**  Sale price only with valid school registration.

1 complete 3 medium super starter hive (woodenware only).  Pickup will be at the bee school.  **Bee School Special only**  Sale price only with valid school registration.

1 complete 3 medium super starter hive (woodenware only) plus PPE, smoker, tools, and accessories. Pickup will be at the bee school.  **Bee School Special only**  Sale price only with valid school registration.







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